Richmond, Virginia, USA

human ärtəfakt: handmade objects made with skill by human beings.

You may have thought you’ve lived long enough to see everything in the Richmond Art scene, but you were wrong!

If you ask each artist what “human artefakts” means to them, their answers will be as imaginative, creative and inspiring as each work of art created for this exhibition is.  I believe their work stands as answer enough. No bones about it!

Everyone who was anyone was at Art Works on Friday, February 24th, 2006 from 7 to 10 p.m. I curated and premiered a new body of work envisioned by an international online group of 40 collage and assemblage artists, called “Human Artefakts”.

The “Human Artefakts” exhibition was designed to wake up your inquisitive side and  allow you to experience some of the most innovative and interesting works of art by from the continental United States, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, France, and Germany. The artists that have never met face-to-face or even talked on the telephone, their paths only crossing in an online art discussion group.

The “Human Artefakts” exhibition opened at Art Works Studios and Galleries in Richmond, Virginia, from early February through mid-March in the Jane Sandelin Gallery. From there the exhibition moved on to Chicago, Illinois, then on to Bremen, Germany and closing out 2006 in New Zealand.

See the work that was exhibited in Richmond, here.

The Artists

 Maria Avila,Brazil | Anita Barnard, USA | Beth Baxter, USA | Dale Copeland, New Zealand | Lois DeCastro, USA | Claudia Drake, USA | Magda Dudziak, USA | Teresa Easton, USA | Stephanie Forsth, USA | Elizabeth Holmes, USA | Janet Jones, USA | Cordula Kagemann, Germany | Iuri Kothe, Brazil | Eydi Lampasona, USA | Laura Lein-Svencner, USA | Stephen Linhart, USA | Judith Mangiameli, USA | Janice McDonald, USA | Lise Menu, France | Melissa Ray, USA | Sheree Rensel, USA | Julie Sadler, USA | Nancy Bell Scott, USA | Mimi Shapiro, USA | Elena Mary Siff, USA | Krishanna Spencer, USA | Laura Stempel, USA | Marie Stockhill, USA | Cecil Touchon, Mexico | Deb Trotter, USA | Jude Worters, Australia | Esha Xavier-Quinn, Australia

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