The Art of Krishanna Spencer

There is a magic in working with found objects and images. The alchemy that exists when a found object transmutes from nothing in particular into something extraordinary occurs because the objects have a spirit, a voice that must be heard; a story that must be told and a life that would otherwise fade and be too soon forgotten.

The shrines, constructions and adornments you’ll discover in my oeuvre are in many ways the culmination of the exploration of that magical and alchemical process between spirit and creativity. I see beyond mismatched limbs, broken parts, old bits, and the stodgy, solemn faces of obsolete convention.  I am the conjurer, the interpreter, the translator, the seer, the alchemist.

By poking fun at convention and challenging preconceived notions, I create honest, inspiring, thought provoking, often humorous fine art collages, assemblages, constructions and adornments that fascinate, enchant and bewitch.

Art is a journey for me, conjuring a way of life- a circle to uncover the secret longings and unheard voices of inner life, including my own. It is a place to discover the stories and spirits and rekindle the lives and histories of the forgotten and castoff objects and images that find their way to me.